Not all zirconia
is called DIAZIR
There's a lot of zirconia on the market
More brittle: So far, the crown has broken in about 2% of cases in the process of being put in place by the chair.
The thickness should be increased More tooth preparation is required, resulting in excessive grinding of the patient's healthy teeth.
Not suitable for posterior teeth Low strength and poor toughness
Not suitable for operation Color instability
however, after an authoritative investigation
the zirconia ceramics on the market have the following problems

In the US authoritative CR2016-11-14 Clear Zirconia clinical Follow-up report for certain brands, we looked at seven zirconia brands (285+ molar crowns made by 40 dentists) and found the following key differences in zirconia brands 8 months after clinical surgery:
The reasons are as follows:
1. Low flexural strength: Only 600 MPa
2. Poor crack propagation resistance leads to short clinical service life


DIAZIR has solved the above problems
Innovative R & D capabilities bring technological breakthroughs
Product features
·The grain size is small ·Excellent security ·Excellent aesthetic performance: colour ·Patented dyeing system ensures realistic color and aesthetic effect ·Excellent durability
·Excellent polishing performance:
Beautiful, not easy to attach impurities
Reduce the wear of jaw teeth
·OP opalescence of natural teeth Produces a blue appearance in the reflected color;The transmitted colors produce an orange/brown appearance;Average crystal size of natural enamel: 160nm long and 20-40nm wide
Performance data of DIAZIR products
Comparison of microstructure between fully sintered DIAZIR zirconia
After magnification of 30000 times, we can clearly see that DIAZIR zirconia crystal size is uniform and more evenly distributed, which is one of the reasons why DIAZIR has superior mechanical properties.
Zirconia particles of some other brand are only 20 000 times larger, but they are still huge, with large size difference and uneven distribution, which leads to the fragility and fracture of ceramics.

Other brands
October 2020
DIAZIR's third generation DIAZIR 3BL comes out
Redefine industry standards!
Farewell to
the fracture age
Doubled overall
improvement in comprehensive performance+
The third generation of DIAZIR zirconia ceramics, no fracture, longer service time

The intensity reaches a new high in the world
Bending strength >2000MPa
Water and heat resistance beyond imagination
Aging   property  >1850MPa
Super toughness
Fracture  toughness14MPa.m1/2
Ultra high transparency
The radioactivity is almost zero
Radioactivity  0.01Bq/g
Water and heat resistance beyond imagination
After aging, it can still reach 1850MPa flexural strength
It can be used for life under normal conditions
·ISO 13356:2015(134℃,0.2 MPa,5h) It is equivalent to 7 years of clinical use
·The content of monoclinic phase is only 3.8 wt% after hydrothermal treatment;
·Three-point bending strength decreased by 7.3%
·The flexural strength remained stable
Transformation rate after aging
This is DIAZIR zirconia
Unparalleled performance advantage